How many samples are provided after the MCU is decrypted?

In general, the number of samples we provide is the number of mother films provided by customers plus one, which means that if customers provide N pieces, we will provide N + 1 pieces.
The reason for this number is as follows:

A: Samples are costly. Some chips cost more than ten yuan per chip (for example, EPM7128 costs 65 yuan);
B: Some customers only need 3 ~ 4 pieces, so he does not need our program after getting the sample pieces, which is a loss to us.
C: We think that if the customer is sincere, we will give you the program after decryption has successfully paid all the money. You can burn as much as you want. There is no need to entangle the number of samples with us. Of course, there are special circumstances, such as some credit-oriented old customers can provide more than 2 (but must be less than 4) samples, or the customer cleared all the decrypted funds. However, if the customer provides 2 samples, we will provide 3 mother films, which is one more than the customer provided.

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