Why do you say a price when the customer asks the price, but we increase the price after mailing the chip to you

This situation may exist, mainly due to the following reasons

A: The customer's phone model is not reported correctly. For example, when a customer reports AT89C51RC as AT89C51, the price difference is about 10 times!
B: The client's MCU pins are burned out, we need to do extra work (this work is very expensive, even higher than decryption itself)
C: The LOGO on the chip is a model, but it is actually another model. The encryptor has bewildered hands and feet. However, the above probability is very low, and it is a professional problem. If we find it, we will inform the customer that if the customer is willing to do it, we will continue to do it; if not, we will refund all the deposits and master films of the customer.

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