Development of MPC89E52 chip decryption architecture

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MPC89E52 Features:
The 80C51 core can choose 12T or 6T mode ISP space size; optional 1K / 2K / 4K1SP space is shared with data space for MPC89x51 / 52/53/54/58, while MPC89x53 / 515 is the IAP space size with application space; MPC89x51: up to 10KB, shared data space with ISP space, embedded external addressing RAM (XDATA), MPC89x51 / 52/53 (256Byte), MPC89x54 / 58/515 (1024Byte);
Two-level code encryption protects three 16-bit timers / counters. Timer2 is an up / down counter. Programmable clock output has 8 interrupt sources on port P1.0. A 4-level priority group of enhanced UARTs provides frame error detection. And hardware address recognition dual DPTR
15-bit watchdog, 8-bit prescaler. After being enabled, energy consumption control cannot be turned off; IDLE mode and power-down mode; power-down mode can be awakened by P3.2 / P3.3 / P4.2 / P4.3 with low EMI; 4 groups of 8-bit bidirectional can be turned off by ALE output I / O port, for PLCC-44 and PQFP-44 packages, there is also a set of 4-bit bidirectional I / O ports (P4)
On-chip program / data flash memory More than 20,000 erases and writes Data stored in a greenhouse for more than 100 years Working voltage: 4.5V ~ 5.5V
Built-in low-voltage reset circuit Maximum working frequency Optional 12T or 6T mode If you have MPC89E52 chip decryption request, please contact us directly.

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