Decryption W79E217 On-chip features WINBOND chip decryption

WINBOND chip decryption, our company professionally provides high-quality chip decryption services . For the WINBOND chip, our decryption team used the backbone of technical strength to make breakthroughs in this project. Now it has achieved significant decryption results. In response to market demand, while ensuring the security and reliability of the decryption solution, it has greatly reduced the cost of chip decryption services. WINBOND chip decryption project provides the best quality service. W79E217 is a typical WINBOND chip decryption . Its on-chip characteristics are analyzed as follows:
W79E217 Features The fully static 8-bit 4T8051 CMOS microcontroller can reach 33MHz.
64KB system programmable Flash EPROM (in AP Flash EPROM).
4KB auxiliary Flash EPROM loader (LD flash EPROM). From the LD's Flash EPROM, the user can choose to restart at P4.3 or P3.6 and P3.7 pulled low and reset externally.
2KB auxiliary RAM, software selectable, accessed by MOVX instruction.
2KB NVM data Flash EPROM is convenient for users to store data.
256 bytes of on-chip temporary storage RAM.
Seven 8-bit bidirectional ports. The internal pull-up resistor on port P0 is enabled by software.
Chip select (CS) and boot function for a 4-bit multifunction I / O port 4.
Three 16-bit timers.
A 16-bit timer 3 motion feedback module.
Motion feedback module QEI decoder and 3 input captures.
Eight-channel 12-bit PWM:
Programmable dead-time insertion into complementary outputs.
Three modes: edge aligned, center aligned and single shot.
Application of output rewrite control BLDC motor.
8-channel 10-bit ADC input.
Frame error detection and automatic address recognition for two enhanced full-duplex UARTs.
I2C master / slave function for one channel.
One channel SPI master / slave function.
LCD driver output:
32 segments x 4 universal.
1/3 duty (1/3 bias), 1/4 duty (1/3 bias) drive mode can be selected.
The LCD driver output pin can be used as a DC output.
Software-programmable access cycles for external RAM / peripherals.
20 interrupt sources, 4 priority levels.
Software reset function.
ALE / PSEN selectable H / L state in power down mode.
Built-in power management.
Code protection.
Package type: PQFP100
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