Professional overview W9725G8KB chip decryption structure description

The company specializes in providing all kinds of chip decryption services . For some difficult chips in the market that have not yet developed a decryption solution, our company focuses on decryption to break through its development and research and decryption, and will provide more comprehensive decryption technology services for more electronics companies and customers with decryption needs.
Power Supply: VDD, VDDQ = 1.8 V ± 0.1 V
Double Data Rate architecture: two data transfers per clock cycle
CAS Latency: 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7
Burst Length: 4 and 8
Bi-directional, differential data strobes (DQS and / DQS) are transmitted / received with data
Edge-aligned with Read data and center-aligned with Write data
DLL aligns DQ and DQS transitions with clock
Differential clock inputs (CLK and / CLK)
Data masks (DM) for write data
Commands entered on each positive CLK edge, data and data mask are referenced to both edges of / DQS
Posted / CAS programmable additive latency supported to make command and data bus efficiency
Read Latency = Additive Latency plus CAS Latency (RL = AL + CL)
Off-Chip-Driver impedance adjustment (OCD) and On-Die-Termination (ODT) for better signal quality
Auto-precharge operation for read and write bursts
Auto Refresh and Self Refresh modes
Precharged Power Down and Active Power Down
Write Data Mask
Write Latency = Read Latency-1 (WL = RL-1)
Interface: SSTL_18
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