Chip decryption CY7C15632KV18 feature function description

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Here we provide a description of the basic characteristics of the CY7C15632KV18 chip. Our company has accumulated rich development experience in the field of MCU / CPLD / SPLD / PLD chip decryption technology and is a trusted partner of customers.
Features Separate independent read and write data ports Support concurrent transactions 550 MHz clock for high bandwidth 4 word bursts Reduce address bus frequency Provide 2.5 clock cycle delay Two input clocks (K and K) for accurate DDR timing SRAM Only used Rising edge echo clocks (CQ and CQ) simplify data collection in high-speed systems. If you have a CY7C15632KV18 chip decryption requester, please contact us for more details about decryption and decryption quotes.

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