S3C84BB / S3F84BB chip decryption technology and solution development

Our company has long provided professional Samsung full-series microcontrollers and S3C84BB / S3F84BB chip decryption services . Our IC decryption technology is domestically advanced and has advanced decryption equipment. Now our company can quickly, easily and economically target any Samsung series microcontrollers. IC decryption for customers. For more details on S3C84BB / S3F84BB MCU decryption and other typical Samsung chip decryption details, please feel free to contact our IC decryption engineer for more decryption details. In the following, we will briefly introduce the main performance characteristics of the S3C84BB / S3F84BB microcontroller for reference by customers and other various technical engineers in the cooperation of chip decryption projects.
S3C84BB / S3F84BB Features CPU
SAM88RC CPU core Flash 2064-byte internal register file 64K-byte internal program memory-S3C84BB: Mask ROM
-S3F84BB: FLASH type memory Oscillator source Crystal, ceramic CPU clock divider (1/1, 1/2, 1/8, 1/16)
Instruction set 78 instructions Idle and shutdown instructions increase power down mode Instruction execution time at 10MHz fosc (minimum) 400 ns
Interrupts 24 interrupt sources, 24 vectors.
8-level, 24-vector interrupt structure. I / O port. A total of 70-bit programmable pins. Timer and counter / timer. Programmable 8-bit basic timer (BT) oscillation stabilization control or watchdog timer function.
An 8-bit timer / counter (timer A) three working modes; interval mode, capture mode and PWM mode.
An 8-bit timer / counter (timer B) carrier frequency (PWM) generator.
Two 8-bit timers, PWM mode (timers C0, C1)
Two 16-bit capture timers / counters (timers 10, 11) two working modes; interval mode, capture mode is pulse cycle or duty cycle.
A / D converter 10-bit resolution 8 analog input channels 20 microseconds conversion speed at 10MHz FADC clock D / A converter 8-bit D / A converter R / 2R resistor method D / A output (DAOUT)
Asynchronous UART
2-channel full-duplex UART
Programmable baud rate Supports serial data transmit / receive operations and 8-bit, 9-bit UART
Synchronous SIO
Programmable baud rate One synchronous serial I / O module Pattern generation module The pattern generation module triggers timer matching signals and S / W
Operating temperature range -25 ° C to + 85 ° C
Operating voltage range from 2.7 V to 5.5 V at 10 MHz FOSC
Package type 80-pin QFP package, 80-pin TQFP package At present, our company has mature and reliable off-the-shelf decryption solutions. If customers have Samsung decryption requirements such as S3C84BB / S3F84BB chip decryption , please contact our business center.

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