Research on PIC18F2685 Microchip FLASH MCU Decryption

The PIC18F2685 microcontroller is a PIC18 series of FLASH microcontrollers from Microchip Technology. For the PIC18 series of microcontrollers, our company has focused on technical research. Currently, we have successfully cracked the decryption of many typical microcontrollers. The price is reasonable, which can provide our customers with a secure, reliable and reasonable chip decryption solution .
PIC18F2685 Features PIC18F2685 Memory Flash: 96KB
RAM: 3,328Bytes
Data EEPROM: 1024Bytes
Power management mode:
Running CPU work, peripherals are turned on Idle CPU is not working, peripherals are turned on Sleeping CPU is not working, peripherals are turned off Normally the idle mode current drops to 5.8 μA (typical)
Normal sleep mode current drops to 0.1 μA (typical)
Timer1 oscillator typical parameters are 1.1 μA, 32 kHz, 2V
Watchdog timer (WDT), 2.1 μA typical
Two-speed oscillator starts. Flexible oscillator structure:
4 crystal modes with frequencies up to 40 MHz
4 octave phase-locked loops (PLL) for crystal and internal oscillator 2 external RC modes with frequencies up to 4 MHz
2 external clock modes up to 40 MHz
Internal oscillator circuit:
-8 user selectable frequencies, from 31kHz to 8MHz
-Provides a full range of clock speeds when used with the PLL, from 31 kHz to 32 MHz
-User can adjust this circuit to compensate for frequency drift. Use Timer1 auxiliary oscillator (operating frequency is 32 kHz)
Fail-safe clock monitor:
-Allows the device to be safely shut down when the peripheral clock is stopped
Optimized C compiler architecture with optional extended instruction set Enhanced Flash program memory that can withstand 100,000 erase / writes typically Data EEPROM memory that can withstand 100 million erase / writes typically Flash / data EEPROM data Save time: more than 40 years, self-programmable interrupt priority under software control 8 x 8 single-cycle hardware multiplier extended watchdog timer (WDT)
-Programmable period from 41ms to 131s
Single 5 V powered In-Circuit Serial Programming (TM) (ICSP (TM)) via two pins
In-Circuit Debug (ICD) through two pins
Wide operating voltage range: 2.0V to 5.5V
Peripheral characteristics:
High sink / source current 25 mA / 25 mA
Three external interrupts Capture / Compare / PWM (CCP1) module Enhanced Capture / Compare / PWM (ECCP1) module (40 / 44-pin devices only):
-1, 2, or 4 PWM outputs-Selectable polarity-Programmable dead time-Automatic shutdown and automatic restart Master Synchronous Serial Port (MSSP) module supports 3-wire SPI (4 modes in total) And I2C (TM) Master-Slave Mode Enhanced Addressable USART Module:
-Supports RS485, RS232 and LIN1.3
-RS232 operation using internal oscillator (no external crystal required)
-Automatic wake-up of start bit-Automatic baud rate detection 10-bit Analogto-Digital Converter (A / D) module with up to 11 channels, conversion rate up to 100ksps:
-With automatic acquisition function-Can be switched in the sleep state Two analog inputs with multiplexing ECAN technology Package type: SPDIP28, SOIC28
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