ATMEL ATMEGA16A MCU chip decryption

等相关服务,这是ATMEL新版AVR单片机ATMEGA16A系列解密服务,协助客户尽可能的提高效率,如有需要可来电咨询。 Xinda Technology has provided IC decryption and other related services for a long time. This is ATMEL's new AVR microcontroller ATMEGA16A series decryption service, which helps customers improve efficiency as much as possible, and can call for consultation if necessary.
ATMEGA16A features:
High-performance, low-power AVR 8-bit microcontroller;
High-level RISC structure: 131 instructions, most instructions execute in a single clock cycle;
· 32 8-bit general-purpose working registers;
· Full static work;
· Performance up to 16MIPS when operating at 16MHz;
· On-chip 2-cycle multiplier; · Non-volatile program and data memory: 16KB system self-programming flash (lifetime: 10,000 write / erase cycles), optional boot code segment with independent lock bit;
Programming in the system by the chip startup program;
· Real read and write operations;
512-byte EEPROM (life: 100,000 write / erase cycles);
1KB on-chip SRAM;
Software encryption of the lock bit, JTAG (IEEE 1149.1 compatible) interface: implements the boundary scan function according to the JTAG standard;
Extensive on-chip debugging;
Programmable Flash (hardware ISP), EEPROM, lock and reserve bits;
· 2 8-bit timers with independent frequency divider and compare mode;
1 16-bit timer / counter with independent divider, compare mode and capture mode;
· Real-time anti-independent oscillator;
· 4 PWM channels;
8-channel, 10-bit analog-to-digital converter;
8 single-ended channels;
· Only 7 differential channels in TQFP package;
· 2 differential channels at 1x, 10x or 200x programmable gain;
Byte-oriented two-wire serial interface;
Programmable serial USART;
· Master / slave SPI serial interface;
Programmable watchdog timer with independent on-chip oscillator;
· On-chip analog comparator, special processor features: power reset and programmable power-down detection;
· Internal calibration RC oscillator;
· Off-chip / on-chip interrupt sources;
6 sleep modes: idle, A / D converter noise suppression, power saving, power down, standby and extended standby modes;
· I / O and packaging;
32 programmable I / O ports;
44-pin TQFP package;
· Working voltage: 4.5 ~ 5.5V;
· Speed grade: 0 ~ 16MHz

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