Research and development of rail container gantry crane system

Rail-mounted container gantry cranes are special machinery for loading, unloading, handling, and stacking containers in container terminals and freight yards of transfer stations. The mechanism is similar to a tire-type field bridge. Just walking on specially laid steel rails. We can provide customers with rail container gantry cranes required by ro-ro shipping.
Special cranes for container yards, with large spans, can make full use of the yard area to increase the yard storage capacity, and can realize automation. It is suitable for the front yard of container terminal, inland transfer station and railway container yard.

01. The cart can automatically correct deviations to ensure the overall straight travel
02. The container rotates, which is convenient for loading and unloading container semi-trailers and cars, and improves the loading and unloading efficiency of the yard.
03. High adaptability, maneuverability and flexibility, adapt to the site, not restricted by the track.

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