Chip decryption case: SH7174 feature analysis

研究领域中取得了丰硕的科研成果,拥有数十项芯片解密技术和百余种业界特色芯片解密方案 ,帮助电子企业学习先进国家产品设计,进行产品反向解析与技术研究。 At present, Xinda Technology has achieved rich scientific research results in the field of IC decryption / Single-chip decryption / chip decryption technology research. It has dozens of chip decryption technologies and more than 100 industry-specific chip decryption solutions to help electronics companies learn advanced national product designs. , For product reverse analysis and technical research.
SH7174 characteristic maximum operating frequency:
-80MHz / 5.0V single power supply -64MHz / 3.3V, 5.0V (I / O): Products with a wide temperature range (-40 ~ + 125 ° C)
32-bit multiplier (32-bit × 32-bit → 64-bit)
Peripheral function 16-bit timer:
MTU2 (16 bits x 5 channels), MTU2S (16 bits x 3 channels), compare match timer (16 bits x 2 channels)
DTC (simplified DMA controller)
A / D converter: 12-bit, 16-channel (8-channel × 2 units)
Serial interface (SCI): 3-channel synchronous serial communication unit (SSU): 1-channel controller area network (RCAN-ET): 1-channel / 2-channel Those with chip decryption technology can directly consult with Xinda Technology, You can visit the official website of Xinda for more chip decryption solutions.

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