Integrated smart gate drive optocoupler for chip decryption

、MCU解密、FPGA解密、PLD芯片解密、CPLD芯片解密、ARM芯片解密、软件解密、IC解密等较高难度芯片解密服务,下面是高度集成智能门驱动光电耦合器,ACPL-336J和ACPL-337J的解密成功案例。 Xinda Technology specializes in providing various types of dedicated chip decryption , MCU decryption, FPGA decryption, PLD chip decryption, CPLD chip decryption, ARM chip decryption, software decryption, IC decryption and other difficult chip decryption services. The following is a highly integrated smart gate driver photoelectric Decryption success stories of couplers, ACPL-336J and ACPL-337J.
ACPL-336J and ACPL-337J have 2.5A and 4A rail-to-rail outputs, respectively, which can directly drive high-power MOSFETs or IGBTs. The new product has a high-current rail-to-rail output, a built-in LED driver circuit, an active Miller clamp, a high DESAT desaturation shielded current source, and an under voltage lock-out (UVLO) feedback control circuit. Power inverter applications provide a complete and cost-effective gate drive solution. Customers in need are welcome to inquire.
ACPL-336J / ACPL-337J Product Features:
◇ High current rail-to-rail output, saving output buffer circuit and improving power efficiency
◇ Integrated LED driver circuit, active Miller clamp and high DESAT desaturation shielding current source, saving system cost and board space
◇ Integrated short circuit protection and FAULT and UVLO feedback control circuits to improve drive system reliability and protect IGBT
◇ VIORM = 1414VPEAK high reinforced insulation voltage, providing reliable anti-failure safety protection for high voltage applications
◇ 8.3mm creepage distance and electrical clearance, meet strict system-level safety requirements
◇ Typical 50kV / μs high CMR to avoid wrong driving in high noise environment
◇ CSA, UL and IEC safety standard certifications bring fast system-level safety response and time to market

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