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With "core" service, Xinda Technology will always be a loyal collaborator around you. Over the years, Xinda Technology has been devoted to its customers and dedicated service. After decades of accumulation, Xinda Technology's customers have merged into a large group:
(After some customers' confidentiality requirements, not on this list) ...
Beijing area:
Beijing Commodity Exchange Center Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio, Film and Television, China Central Television Tower, Radio, Film and Television, China International Broadcasting Center, China National Sports Commission, State Foreign Languages Publishing Bureau, Ministry of Energy, Hydropower Planning Institute, Chinese Academy of Preventive Sciences, Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, Beijing Medical Academy State Planning Commission Shunyi Training Center China International Travel Service Beijing Military Region First Division First Military Division of the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China National Defense Science and Technology Commission Military Command Academy Military Science Research Institute Economic Daily News Agency CPC Central Party School Beijing Aerospace Materials Institute Beijing First Hydraulic Engineering Division China Mining Department of Foreign Training, University of National Defense, Beijing Family Planning Commission, Lenovo Group, China Railway Locomotive and Rolling Stock Industry Corporation, Shougang Mining Company, Hong Kong and Macau Center, Beijing Thermal Power Construction Company, China Feed Collection Company BOC Trust Investment Company China Ocean Shipping Company Beijing Aviation Equipment Company Beijing Sanjili Group North China Electric Power Equipment Factory Hongkong Faxin Co., Ltd. Shougang Special Steel Company Beijing Yinyi Electric Company Beijing Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Co., Ltd. Yuan Company Beijing Yuguangda Electronic Technology Company Beijing Yuanguang General Information Technology Company Beijing Putian Cheng Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Bangtai Hotel Office Beijing Yuxue Hotel Beijing Overseas Chinese Hotel Beijing Huayuan Hotel Armed Police First Guest House Chengda Building Henan Building Beijing City Hotel Qingdao Haier Beijing Office Jinqi Building Shenzhen Haiyun Communication Company Beijing Office Hongye Hotel Beijing Zhongshui Building Guanghua Changan Building Wancheng Building Huaying Building Beijing City Hotel Yufeng Hotel Beijing Jade Palace Hotel Beijing Yunxiang Hotel Diaoyutai Dashang Store Changping Sunshine Commercial Building Wanshang Building Beijing Mingduyuan Beijing Electric Power Technical School Beijing Telephone Bureau Training Center North China Electric Power Workers University CITIC Law Firm Yanshan Petrochemical Training Center Bowes Law Firm, Grand Canal Golf Club

Tianjin area:
Tianjin Highway Administration Bureau China Commodity Base Tianjin Company Tianjin First Thermal Power Plant Tianjin Hualian Commercial Building Tianjin Textile Import and Export Corporation Tianjin Teda International Chamber of Commerce Tianjin Garment Import and Export Corporation Tianjin External Supply Company Tianjin Imperial Hotel Tianjin Salt Service Tianjin Anfu Security Equipment Co., Ltd. Tianjin CNOOC Geophysical Prospecting Company Tianjin PLA 3536 Factory Naval Tianjin Bureau Management Office Shanghai Ailedian Tianjin Branch Tianjin Xiangfeng Hotel Tianjin Hengxin Company Tianjin Tongda Company

Hebei area:
Tangshan City, Hebei Province, Hebei Army Qinhuangdao Ocean Shipping Agency Hebei Province Tangshan Railway Electricity Section Huabei Oilfield Renqiu Pharmaceutical Factory Hebei Tangshan Shougang Mining Company Hebei Province Xingtai Electric Power Bureau Hebei Province Xingtai Power Plant Hebei Chengde Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. Hebei Tangshan Guye Posts and Telecommunications Bureau Shahe City Telecommunications Bureau North China Oilfield Communications Office Tangshan Fengrun Posts and Telecommunications Bureau Linzhang County Posts and Telecommunications Bureau Hebei Lushui Posts and Telecommunications Bureau First Department of Railways Shougang Mechanical and Electrical Company Equipment Structure Factory Hebei Fengnan Telecommunications Bureau Handan City Hebei Fengfeng Mining Area Post and Telecommunications Bureau Qian'an Telecommunications Bureau Beidaihe Guodu Hotel
Shaanxi area:
Shaanxi Xianyang Changqing Petroleum Aid Plant Changqing Refinery Shaanxi Xi'an Highway Bureau Shaanxi Shaanxi Chenghe Mining Bureau Shaanxi Xianyang Power Supply Bureau Shaanxi Coal and Carbon Department Shaanxi Hancheng Mining Bureau Shaanxi Yellow Mine Management Committee Shaanxi Baoji Petroleum Pipe Plant Shaanxi Xi'an Water Plant Shaanxi Fertilizer Industry Corporation Shaanxi Ordnance Industry Bureau Shaanxi Daily Daily Shaanxi Shenhua Power Plant Shaanxi Baishui County Post and Telecommunications Bureau Shaanxi Grain Trade Hotel Daliuta Coal Mine Shenmu Xian Shaanxi Petroleum Pipe Steel Rope Factory Xi'an Amano Corporation Changqing Petroleum Xi'an Office
Henan area:
Henan Nanyang Agricultural Bank, Henan Province, Zhengzhou Ministry of Water Resources, Yellow River Management Committee, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, Xinfei Refrigerator Factory, Zhengzhou Xuedian Airport, Henan Province, Luoning County Post and Telecommunications Bureau, Henan Province, China Petrochemical Corporation, Luoyang Petrochemical Corporation, Sanmenxia People's Bank Financial Training Center, Henan Province Xiping Electric Power Bureau Henan Luoyang Petrochemical Plant Luoyang Petrochemical Hotel Henan Neihuang Post and Telecommunications Bureau Civil Aviation Henan Provincial Bureau Communications Team
Shandong area:
Shengli Oilfield Binnan Oil Production Plant Shengli Oilfield Electricity Adjustment Center Shengli Oilfield Shengli Power Plant Binzhou Post and Telecommunication Bureau of Shandong Province Jinan Daily Shandong News Yantai Daily Shandong Qilu Petrochemical Telecommunications Department Shandong Zibo Industrial Ceramics Factory Shandong Zibo Porcelain Factory Shandong Zibo Baiyang Power Plant Zibo Hotel Shandong Province Affiliated Hospital of Shandong Medical University Shandong Province Qingdao State-owned Red Star Electric Factory Electrical and Mechanical Department Qingdao Huahai Building Qingdao Shandong Tobacco Import and Export Company Shandong Yantai Qili Industrial Company Shandong Power Design Institute Shandong Clothing Import and Export Company Shandong Zhanhua Power Plant Shandong Nanquangang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Shandong Zibo Petrochemical Plant Shandong Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. Shandong Yantai Power Plant Shandong Qingdao First Hospital Shandong Laiwu Jiuyang Group Mountain University of Technology Weifang Intermediate People's Court of Shandong Province Qingdao Huangdao Power Plant Shandong Weihai Commodity Inspection Bureau Shandong Yinzhou Jiaxiang Post Office Shandong Liaocheng Municipal Bureau Dispatching Office Qingdao Rong Lace Co., Ltd. Shandong Arts and Crafts Import and Export Corporation Shandong Jinan Telecommunications Bureau Qingdao Telecommunication Engineering Company Shandong University of Technology Keyuan Company Shandong Qilu Petrochemical Acrylonitrile Factory Shandong Shouguang Telecommunications Bureau Yanggu County Telecommunications Bureau Shandong Linqing Telecommunications Bureau Affiliated Hospital of Shandong Medical University Shandong Rizhao Telecommunications Bureau Shandong East China Design and Research Institute Shanxi 3D Co., Ltd. Shanxi Huozhou Mining Bureau Shanxi Taiyuan Huanghe Wanjiazhai Water Conservancy Company Qingxu County Post and Telecommunications Bureau Shanxi Qinshui County Posts and Telecommunications Bureau Shanxi Zuoquan Telecommunications Bureau Shanxi Dingxiang County Telecommunications Bureau?
Shanxi Baishui Huanyu Hotel
North-east area:
Liaoning Fuxin Power Plant Liaoning Dalian Refrigerator Co., Ltd. Liaoning Liaoyang Electric Power Bureau Shenyang Beidou Electronics Co., Ltd. Liaoning Dandong Airport Liaoning Provincial Party School Liaoning Dalian Friendship Shopping Center Liaoning Fushun Aluminum Plant Liaoning Liaohe Oilfield Liaoning Fushun Liaoning Post and Telecommunication Bureau of Liaoning Province, Liaoning Post and Telecommunication Bureau of Liaoning Province, Fushun Telecommunications Equipment Factory, Jilin Changchun Machinery and Equipment Import and Export Corporation, Jilin Province, Liaoyuan Mining Bureau, Jilin Province, Changchun First Thermal Power Plant, Jilin Changchun Post and Telecommunications Equipment Factory, Jilin Province, Telecommunications Bureau, Jilin Province Tongyu County Telecommunications Bureau operates and services the People's Government of Changyi District, Jilin Province, Heilongjiang Harbin Army Second Retirement Office, Heihe Electric Power Bureau, Heilongjiang Province, China Heavy Industry Corporation Daqing Oilfield Construction Design and Research Institute, Daqing Oilfield Electricity Adjustment Center Daqing Petroleum Administration Bureau Longfeng Thermal Power Plant Sinopec Sales Company Harbin Branch Heilongjiang Daqing Huatong Telecommunication Development Corporation Heilongjiang Qiqihar Power Generation Plant Heilongjiang Qiqihar Power Generation Plant Heilongjiang Jiamusi Power Plant Heilongjiang Mudanjiang Hualin Group Corporation Heilongjiang Hailin County Post and Telecommunications Bureau Heilongjiang Thermal Power First Engineering Company Daqing Chengji Building Hegang Electricity Bureau of Heilongjiang Province
Inner Mongolia:
Inner Mongolia Chifeng Electricity Bureau Inner Mongolia Chifeng Yuanbaoshan Power Plant Inner Mongolia Hu City Industrial and Commercial Bank Inner Mongolia Baotou Electronic Equipment Factory Inner Mongolia Chifeng Thermal Power Plant Inner Mongolia Lijiata Mine Inner Mongolia Baotou No. 1 Machine Factory Inner Mongolia Hoba Baita Airport Inner Mongolia Naiman Banner Post and Telecommunications Inner Mongolia Civil Aviation Bureau Inner Mongolia Chifeng Post and Telecommunications Bureau Inner Mongolia Tongliao Building Baotou State-owned No. 22 Factory Chifeng Electric Material Co., Ltd. Inner Mongolia Wulanhaote Post and Telecommunications Bureau Inner Mongolia Balinyou Banner Post and Telecommunications Bureau Inner Mongolia Baotou Second Power Plant
Anhui area:
Anhui Huaibei Textile Factory Maanshan Iron and Steel Corporation Anhui Chizhou Post and Telecommunications Bureau Anhui Guoyang Post and Telecommunications Bureau Anhui Hefei Railway Bureau Anhui Chizhou Grain Bureau Fanchang County Telecommunications Bureau Anhui
Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai:
Suzhou Friendship Hotel, Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Lianyungang Alkali Factory, Xuzhou Louzhonglou Hotel, Xuzhou Coal Mine Research Institute, Ningbo Zhenhai Refinery Chemical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang County Post and Telecommunications Bureau, Hangzhou China Hotel, Zhejiang Huangyan Airport, Shanghai Xiayuan Hotel
Ningxia area:
Ningxia Dam Power Plant Yinchuan Railway Electricity Section
Lanzhou Guangxin Communications Company Lanzhou People's Bank of Gansu Province Air Force 87205
Qinghai area:
Qinghai Aluminium Plant Qinghai Petroleum Administration Bureau Petroleum Second Guest House Qinghai Geermu Nongken Hotel
Xinjiang area:
Xinjiang Kunlun Hotel, Xinjiang Corps Public Security Bureau, Xinjiang Corps Armed Police Corps, Xinjiang Petroleum Bureau Communication Center, Xinjiang Tuha Oilfield, Xinjiang Petroleum Bureau, Zhundong Communications Corporation, Xinjiang Zepu Post and Telecommunications Bureau, Xinjiang Zepu Oilfield Communications Office, Xinjiang Malan Post and Telecommunications Bureau, Xinjiang Hetian Post and Telecommunications Bureau, Xinjiang Hotan District People's Bank, Xinjiang Urumqi Lingyu Company Xinjiang Urumqi Huasheng Electronic Communication Operation Department Xinjiang Urumqi Telecommunications Director Tu Branch Office Xinjiang Kezhou Post and Telecommunications Bureau Xinjiang Tacheng Area and Bukssel Mongolia Autonomous County
Post and Telecommunication Bureau of Shannan District, Tibet Telecommunication Bureau of Naqu District, Tibet Hubei:
Hubei Second Automobile Factory Yichang County Post and Telecommunications Bureau of Hubei Province
Hunan area:
Hunan Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute Hunan Changsha Telecommunications Bureau
Dehongzhou Hotel, Yunnan Province, Yunnan Longchuan Posts and Telecommunications Bureau, Ruili City, Yunnan Posts and Telecommunications Bureau, Yuncheng, Yunnan Posts and Telecommunications Bureau, Yunnan Natural Gas Chemical Plant, Yunnan Mangshi Airport, Kunming Southwest Commercial Building, Yunnan Yingjiang Posts and Telecommunications Bureau, Yunnan Natural Gas Chemicals Plant, Pu'er Posts and Telecommunications Bureau, Yunnan, Yunnan Resort Yunnan Anning Post and Telecommunications Bureau Ludian Post and Telecommunications Bureau Kunming Jinsoft Co., Ltd.
Guizhou area:
Guizhou Zhenhua Group Xintian Company Guizhou Jianhe Post and Telecommunications Bureau Guizhou Zunyi Post and Telecommunications Bureau
Sichuan area:
Sichuan West China Medical University Sichuan Chongqing Telecommunications Bureau Operation Office Sichuan Petroleum Administration Bureau Sichuan Emei Iron Mine Co., Ltd. Sichuan Chengdu Kaiyue Commercial Bank Sichuan Zhongxian Electric Power Company (Xiangshan Hotel)
Huawei Hotel Chongqing Emei Traffic Hotel Sichuan Emei Phoenix Hotel Sichuan
Guangdong area:
Guangdong Huizhou Port Authority Guangdong Huizhou Dongxiao Electronics Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Wantian Business Development Co., Ltd.
Hainan area:
Haikou Farmland Reclamation Bureau of Hainan Province
Fujian area:
Fujian Jingsheng Hotel

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