SCM Application Area Summary

⒈Measurement system with image sensor

⒉The serial port of satellite TV simulates the application of SPI and I2C, such as the data transmission of radar recording.
⒊Cooperate directly with AD chip for various data sensors.
⒋Using the 232 communication between the single chip computer and the PC for control, the single chip computer is the control object.
收费 Various charging systems composed of IC card, single chip computer and PC.
完成 Complete industrial control task system controlled by single-chip microcomputer
单片机 Control various electrical equipment through a single chip computer to complete industrial control task systems (such as program-controlled exchange systems)
⒏It can be used in the control field of motor frequency conversion technology.
⒐Various measuring tools, such as water level gauges, are widely used in hydrology.
⒑Large analogue clock controller, mainly controlling the motor to drive the pointer according to time.
⒒Electronic batching controller, automatic or semi-automatic control based on small production, such as controlling feeding, mixing, etc.
定时器 Use a timer and capture function to test a certain system. Can provide alarm, control and so on. Such as water level control, temperature control, fully automatic washing machines, etc.
⒔Electronic weighing scale
⒕ teaching instruments, medical instruments.
的 Neon light controller composed of single-chip microcomputer.
⒗ Measured by thermal magnetometer in the just heat treatment.
⒘Various metal flaw detectors.
智能 Intelligent monitor for mine production.
Coal production counter of Yancheng Coal Mine
20. Automotive Safety System
21. Smart toys
22. Measuring River Water Levels with Ultrasound
23. AC power monitor
24. Fire System Alarm Monitor
25. All kinds of water and electricity meters
In short, the single-chip microcomputer technology has a wide range of applications, and has a wide range of applications in various instrumentation production units, petroleum, chemical, textile, machinery processing and other industries.

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