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The Core Valley team was established in 1980.This is the earliest set up of a professional reverse engineering development team in Shenzhen. This team gathered a group of people with lofty ideals and existed in the form of professional research institutes. Domestically proposed new concepts such as PCB copying , reverse R & D, reverse engineering, etc., to provide relevant domestic research institutions and colleges with new technology product analysis and reverse design, committed to the breakthrough of foreign technical barriers and domestic technological research progress and national industrial revitalization .
With decades of accumulation, it has long been the focus of today's Shenzhen Chip Valley Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd., and has achieved a true pioneer and leading brand in the PCB copy board industry. Its reputation and reputation, and its brand and business are industry leaders.

Chip Valley has a professional and strong technical team, authoritative scientific research experts behind the scenes guidance, a first-class management team and technical equipment, which provides absolute guarantee for the reliability and accuracy of chip decryption.

From now on, Silicon Valley's technology in chip decryption is quite mature, and it has reached a far ahead position in the field of chip decryption. Core Valley can provide high-quality decryption solutions, with high decryption success rate, strong reliability, short decryption cycle, and low price. It can provide customers with the most trusted technical support and services for overall project development.
At present, Core Valley has long provided professional services for the following projects:
△ PCB copy board, PCB return schematic diagram, BOM list production , Gerber data return PCB document component procurement;
△ High-speed PCB design, schematic design, PCB package library production, PCB signal simulation, EMC analysis;
△ IC chip decryption, MCU decryption, PFGA / CPLD chip decryption, chip polishing and model identification
△ Chip failure analysis, IC reverse analysis, chip reverse design, IC verification and test;
△ PCB prototype / rapid proofing, flexible circuit board processing, rigid-flex board processing, feature PCB production processing, high-precision circuit board processing, PCB batch processing, circuit board repair, circuit board welding
△ Production of functional prototypes, commissioning of functional prototypes, modification of prototype functions, replacement of difficult devices and modules, mold / shoulder making, prototype cracking and production data restoration;
△ MT / PCBA patch processing, COB bonding processing, DIP plug-in processing, post-welding processing, assembly testing, BGA rework / ball planting , OEM / ODM processing;
△ SCM development, embedded development, development board customization, etc.

Silicon Valley has always adhered to technological victory, and provided full technical support and complete solutions for project development with high efficiency and low cost. It is standing in the domestic reverse engineering industry with an authoritative brand. To provide better and efficient services, we warmly welcome people with lofty ideals to cooperate!

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