Decryption service

Shenzhen Core Valley has long provided professional decryption services for various MCU single chip decryption, dedicated IC chip decryption, PLD chip decryption, SPLD chip decryption, FPGA / CPLD chip decryption and other chip decryption related technology transfer and consulting services.
We use international advanced IC professional testing equipment and algorithm research software to accurately understand the core architecture and instruction code of various IC chips and single-chip microcomputers. The program code in the chip can be completely exported, and the code can be reversed based on the existing code. To analyze and discuss, to provide a complete solution for mastering the novel design ideas of single-chip microcomputers, conducting product feasibility studies and competition information analysis.
At present, there are two methods for IC chip decryption. One is software-based, which is called a non-intrusive attack. It requires some software, such as a homemade device similar to a programmer. This method does not destroy the mother chip (the chip is in (Encrypted state); there is also hardware-based, auxiliary software, known as intrusive attacks. This method requires peeling off the parent film (open cover or decapsulation), and then modify the circuit (usually called FIB: focused ion beam), which destroys the chip structure and chip die circuit only affects the encryption function and does not change the function of the chip itself.
Shenzhen Core Valley can adopt corresponding decryption methods according to the specific requirements of customers and the technical characteristics of the decryption chip itself, which can reduce the probability of chip decryption failure, fully guarantee the efficiency and accuracy of chip decryption, and are committed to providing microcontrollers for customers at home and abroad. Decrypted consulting and services (for legitimate research purposes only) provide support for domestic and foreign electronics companies to retrieve lost MCU data or learn advanced design ideas from foreign MCU companies.
At the same time, after the chip decryption is completed, Shenzhen Chip Valley provides supporting chip programming services. The decryption program code is written into new empty films. Currently, the types of chips that can be programmed include:
IC type: E (E) PROM / FLASH / Serial EPROM / MPU / MCU / PLD / CPLD, etc.
IC packaging: SOP / SSOP / PLCC / DIP / SDIP / TSOP / BGA / QFP / TQFP, etc.
IC model: The chip models we can burn, including nearly 20,000 chips from more than a hundred manufacturers. Note: The company's decryption is limited to legality. All liability disputes related to the law shall be borne by the other party. Be responsible for.

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