1500KG Tubular Steam Boiler Intelligent Manufacturing Solution
Specification model: 1.5 tons Thermal efficiency: 92% Applicable fuel: natural gas, liquefied gas, city gas, gas, light oil, heavy oil, methanol ..


Intelligent research and development of biomass steam boiler
Performance advantages 1. The boiler type is a horizontal quick-installed boiler with natural circulation of working medium. The boiler heat exchange system consists of a drum, left and right headers, and a water-cooled wall. The main heating surface includes a furnace water-cooled wall, some of the drums and convection tube bundles in the drum. ...


R & D of cryogenic liquid storage tank series control
Product overview The cryogenic liquid storage tank is designed and manufactured strictly in accordance with national standards such as GB150, GB18442, etc., and is widely used in the storage of cryogenic liquids such as liquid natural gas, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid carbon dioxide, and liquid ethylene ...


Development of Vacuum Dryer Control System
I. Scope of application: This equipment is suitable for low-temperature drying of heat-sensitive materials that are easy to decompose and deteriorate at high temperatures in food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. Second, the main features: 1, the boiling point of the material solution under vacuum is reduced, the material can be in ...


Intelligent manufacturing of intelligent system for liquid nitrogen atmospheric tank
The liquid nitrogen atmospheric storage tank is a normal-pressure bimetallic flat-bottom storage tank used to store liquid cryogenic nitrogen. Generally, it is a bimetal structure. The pearlite sand is used to fill the heat insulation in the middle to ensure the low temperature state of the liquid nitrogen in the inner tank. evaporation. ...


Development of domestic high-pressure hydrogen compressor
◆ Output power: 2.2 ~ 200Kw ◆ Air volume: 0.1 ~ 1000m³ / min ◆ Working pressure: 0.8Mpa ~ 40Mpa ◆ Transmission method: direct connection / belt ◆ Working voltage: 380V50HZ / 220V50HZ ◆ Lubrication method: oil lubrication / no oil ...


Intelligent development of screw water source heat pump unit
Brief introduction: Screw-type water source heat pump unit uses water energy as the living, and through advanced water source heat pump central air-conditioning system, it can meet the needs of heating in winter and cooling in summer. Compared with the conventional air-conditioning heating system, this system saves about 50% energy. ...


Intelligent production of screw-piston tandem air compressor
Product use In order to meet the needs of users in different occasions, our company specially designed a series of screw and piston air compressors. This series of equipment is suitable for pipeline pressure test, line sweep, gas lift, sea and land exploration, etc.


Intelligent manufacturing of stainless steel corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump system
Product description: stainless steel centrifugal pump is suitable for conveying certain corrosive liquids, widely used in fine chemicals, cleaning systems, food processing, medicine and health, sewage treatment, electroplating, dyeing, environmental engineering, etc., or other equipment ...


Development of Low Nitrogen Gas Steam Boiler System
1.Heavy oil burners, gas burners and dual fuel burners (light oil / gas or heavy oil / gas). 2.According to the operation and operation methods, there are two types of ORERT burners: one-stage, two-stage, progressive two-stage and gradual ...


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